Discussion Related Quotes

Whatever the field under discussion, those who engage in debate must not only believe in each other's good faith, but also in their capacity to arrive at the truth.

W. H. Auden

If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.

Louis D. Brandeis

If you look at issues like immigration, gay marriage, gun regulation - these are all things that probably wouldn't be a source of much discussion at all in D.C., if they weren't sources of self-perpetuation.

Mark Leibovich

“During the discussion, we were talking about World War II. It triggered memories about the war and what the residents were doing at that time. That's when Enid mentioned that she made ditty bags for soldiers. We all thought it was a great idea to start making the bags again.”

Darla Myers

“I have been in discussion with my counterpart, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Jim Prentice and I am encouraged that Canada is taking steps to resolve this situation.”

David Ramsay

“There's constant discussion about the Vanguard Index 500 Fund. If you say, 'I want a great index fund,' you think of the Vanguard 500 Index Fund. If you say, 'I want a great actively-managed fund,' there are many different names.”

Russ Kinnel

“An informal discussion that was merely a waste of time took place. The Security Council has more important issues to deal with.”

Dan Gillerman

“It is troubling that before we have had any real discussion of possible spending cuts the governor appears to have made a decision to increase taxes. It is equally troubling that this tax hike proposal is being floated while the administration is still considering big ticket spending programs like stem-cell research.”

Alex Decroce

We as Republicans understand that we have got to protect these... entitlement programs - these entitlement programs for our seniors today. And we have to sit down and have a discussion. We need more ideas on the table.

Eric Cantor

I am of course thinking here about new planes such as the Sukhois. There is very little discussion about such developments but, for me, I am constantly astonished by the current developments within the Russian airforce.

Paul Virilio