Disguising Related Quotes

“A little disguising. We had a lot of that going on. Just a little something we put in this week to keep him from getting too settled.”

Gerard Warren

“Our guys did a great job with their disguising and their timing.”

Dick Lebeau

“We have to be very, very diligent on our protections when they bring pressure. They do a good job disguising. They bring pressure from everywhere. They bring it from the middle, from the sides. They're equal opportunity when it comes to pressure.”

Herman Edwards

“We knew going into the game that disguising coverages was going to be a big key. He has to learn to read defenses. That's hard for quarterbacks. And coming out his first time, his anxiety is high, he's anxious, he was impatient.”

Nick Harper

“They have a way of disguising who everybody is and where everybody is.”

Daniel Inman

“They did a great job creating some mismatches and disguising some blitzes to get guys free on Peyton. They're going to keep coming until they get a guy free. They're not going to give me a lot of time to stand back there and go through progressions and hold the ball.”

Jake Plummer

“We're not happy with the way we've played against them, there's no disguising that. We need to make a statement.”

Lindy Ruff