Dish Related Quotes

Let's not call physical comedy falling down and pratfalls. All humor is physical, no matter how you dish it out. It's timing, like a dancer or an athlete would have.

Chevy Chase

“We wanted Byron (Littlejohn) to drive, then look to either shoot or dish off to McNeal or Curtis Milner. Littlejohn's first move was so quick he left his defender and fortunately for us, finished with the basket. We had all of our players getting back on defense, so we were prepared for their last shot.”

Dudley Lybrand

And as the Italian proverb says, 'Revenge is the dish which people of taste prefer to eat cold.'

Robert Hamer

I thought such awful thoughts that I cannot even say them out loud because they would make Jesus want to drink gin straight out of the cat dish.

Anne Lamott

“The price looks high but it's still a small dish for Citigroup.”

Wu Yonggang

A lot of people talk to kids like they're idiots. When I'm telling my two-year-old that you don't throw a dish on the floor, I explain it as if they're a 25-year-old that hasn't quite figured it out yet.

David Walton

The fans may be surprised to know that during my freshman year at Oglethorpe, I waited on tables and never made an error, never dropped a tray nor broke a dish.

Luke Appling

I play hard and aggressive. I don't lay out the huge body checks because it's not really the style I play. But I love to be around the net and love battling corners and trying to dish pucks out.

Eric Staal

“The CNN Enhanced TV application furthers Dish Network's standing as a leader in ITV.”

Eric Sahl

When I masturbate I fantasize about having my own apartment. I used to think about Cindy Crawford now I think about leaving a dish in the sink overnight.

Greg Giraldo