Distance Related Quotes

“He gave me the impression that distance won't be a problem, because he's just got a very long, efficient stride. He got in a real comfortable rhythm, and when I asked, he really finished. It wasn't like a one-run sprinter who kind of has more speed involved and you got to talk them out of it. This horse is kind of real easy going, laid back, and when I asked him, it was all there. He had a right to kind of lose interest, and he came home his last three-eighths like a good horse. I'm kind of excited about him.”

Richard Migliore

“There are sight distance issues, and people do speed, but that stretch of Lee Highway is not that different from everywhere else.”

Chris Wells

“If he can give me that same late move at the longer distance of the next race (the Rebel), we might make it real interesting.”

Corey Lanerie

“a real alternative, a set of meanings and values that can stand at a critical and redemptive distance from contemporary culture.”

Cardinal Ratzinger

“Our goal going down there was to be within striking distance of top (4A) team in the state.”

Rob Parish

“Laughter is the closest distance between two people.”

Victor Borge

“To go the distance like that, that's a good win for us. And it feels good in overtime.”

Colby Armstrong

“So far in the last three meets, he's had personal bests. That's what you're looking for, especially in the distance events.”

Frank Michalowski

“Don't think you understand the magnitude of how much I miss you”

Dedrick D. L. Pitter

“That's the burn that everyone who's ever tried to run distance knows all too well. That's when the muscles are telling you they're starting to shut down.”

David Farmer