Doctor Related Quotes

“If you want to get rid of a doctor spouse, eat apple a day, coz an apple a day keeps all doctors away.”

Dr Hitesh C Sheth

“It was nice to get rolling. A breakout game is hopefully what the doctor ordered for us right now, and hopefully we can carry it over the rest of the week.”

Chris Burke

Passion, you see, can be destroyed by a doctor. It cannot be created.

Peter Shaffer

“His medical doctor, who was treating him for an entire year, said he had months to live. Within two weeks after seeing O'Connell, he was dead.”

David Flanagan

“My doctor has advised me to take a break,”

Janica Kostelic

“I desperately needed a date doctor in high school.”

Will Smith

“If a patient does not like the message, go to another doctor.”

Charles Douglas

“Good is a good doctor, but Bad is sometimes a better”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You could use the analogy that tonight was what the doctor ordered. The outcome, the game itself, was like a B-12 shot. We're feeling better.”

Mike Eaves

“Once you meet them you understand they want you to be a confident doctor. They want you to be straightforward with them with what ever disease they have.”

Dr. Samar Alsharif