Doctor Related Quotes

“The doctor can fuck himself”

Ozzy Osbourne

“Whether you're a newspaper journalist, a lawyer, a doctor. You have to organize your thoughts.”

Frederick Wiseman

“My father, who was a doctor, died of pancreatic cancer. But he was clear about what he wanted done and not done. No hospitals, no invasive surgeries. He had a living will, which is like a narrative of your life that you get to finish. It was his legacy -- what he wanted to leave his family: emotionally, financially, spiritually.”

Carlos Gomez

“Every doctor will allow a colleague to decimate a whole countryside sooner than violate the bond of professional etiquette by giving him away.”

George Bernard Shaw

“I was supposed to have an MRI, but the doctor said it isn't a bone problem, it is a muscle problem. It wasn't as sore as I expected, so maybe something good is happening.”

Dana Quigley

“We're very concerned that under this initiative, a doctor could be convicted of a felony for acting in the best interests of her patient.”

Crystal Clinkenbeard

“Personally, ... I would give a Nobel prize to the doctor who could eliminate hot flushes. It really is important.”

Lesley Fallowfield

“His medical doctor, who was treating him for an entire year, said he had months to live. Within two weeks after seeing O'Connell, he was dead.”

David Flanagan

“Don't suffer in silence, you don't have to, go to the doctor.”

Courtney Thorne-smith

We approach people the same way we approach our cars. We take the poor kid to a doctor and ask, What's wrong with him, how much will it cost, and when can I pick him up?

James Hillman