Documents Related Quotes

“We told them we wouldn't pass those numbers around, but they were public documents. We'd like to see a copy of these supposed agreements.”

Doug Willmore

“Basically everyone would be asking congressional committees for investigative documents and records.”

Ken Johnson

“We certainly don't want anyone going through this material, let alone the FBI, if they're going to pull documents out. We think Jack Anderson represents something important in American culture — answers to the question, how does our government work?”

Jack Siggins

“He still has some working documents to sort out before we can offer him a contract, but we certainly would expect to. I'm glad he's here now and we can look forward to having him here on the stage in Boston.”

Valerie Wilder

“In the documents given to the Russian side by the Volcker Commission, there is no base of evidence, and they (the documents) could not be the basis for starting an investigation. Moreover, individual materials give doubts as to their authenticity.”

Mikhail Kamynin

“Many of the documents made it clear that as a junior official in the Reagan administration, he was part of an intense effort to impede progress on numerous key issues, such as progress on equal rights for women.”

Edward Kennedy

“I wouldn't expect these documents to affect this exuberant bidding.”

Randy Katz

“We've made available NSC staff ... given access to relevant documents, even though the committee does not have jurisdiction over the White House,”

Sean Mccormack

“This is an intersection in the Web of where Web documents come in. Inside the Web document could be anything from a map to a piece of data, which then could get mashed up with something else which then could have an embed to a third thing.”

David Boloker

“During the E-Discovery review process, e-mails and documents are typically read out-of-context, ... When a relevant item or topic is found, search is used to gather related information. This segregated technique often produces errors such as not recognizing the relevance of a message, failing to identify search terms and phrases that would lead to additional relevant information, and missing important people altogether. Our E-Discovery application automatically identifies the important concepts and terminology used by the subjects of the investigation and produces a visual representation of correlations between people, time, events, and communications. This approach guides users to the important information and provides the context required to ensure a correct interpretation.”

Chuck Williams