Dodgers Related Quotes

“We want to beat the Dodgers. That's our main rival.”

Adam Eaton

“In the ring, it's two of California's biggest stars, next to the Dodgers and Angels, going at it. Style-wise, it's got to be a good fight.”

Carl Moretti

“These were not conscientious objectors. They were belligerent draft dodgers,”

Ralph Nader

“Now I'm against the Dodgers, but I feel nothing different because I'm going to face new guys, not former teammates. (Guys like) Jeff Kent. It's not the same guys, so I don't really feel like I'm facing the Dodgers. It's different.”

Chan Ho Park

“For me, it's like a regular game. I guess the Dodgers needed me more than the Braves needed me, and that's why I'm here. It's a business. I'm happy to be here. I have a lot of friends there, but baseball is like that.”

Rafael Furcal

“These were not conscientious objectors. They were belligerent draft dodgers.”

Ralph Nader

“You might have to go back to Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, that group [of mid-'60s Dodgers], or the group Baltimore had in '66.”

Mike Scioscia

“I am disappointed and disturbed by both the NFL and the Dodgers — but much more by the Dodgers.”

Zev Yaroslavsky

“The only thing I know so far is that whenever he was with L.A. (Dodgers), they won. It sure is nice to have someone that's won in the past.”

Craig Wilson

“I know we have a better team than the Dodgers. There's no question.”

David Wells