Dogs Related Quotes

No louder shrieks to pitying heaven are cast, When husbands or lap-dogs breathe their last.

Alexander Pope

Mankind is like dogs, not gods - as long as you don't get mad they'll bite you - but stay mad and you'll never be bitten. Dogs don't respect humility and sorrow.

Jack Kerouac

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and dogs are a man's best friend. Now you know which sex has more sense.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Our dog just wanders around the house with a concerned look on his face. Dogs are just people who can't find their phone.

Dana Gould

“Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler, would trap cats and dogs in orange crates and shoot arrows at them to watch them die. Jeffrey Dahmer would take animals, kill them, cut their heads off and put them on posts in his back yard and bring neighbors over to see them,”

Scott Wilson

“About 30 percent of the dogs we see here with allergies are allergic to their owners.”

William Miller

O, girls! set your affections on cats, poodles, parrots or lap-dogs; but let matrimony alone. It's the hardest way on earth to getting a living.

Fanny Fern

The more I see of man, the more I like dogs.

Madame De Stael

“When dogs leap onto your bed, it's because they adore being with you. When cats leap onto your bed, it's because they adore your bed.”

Alisha Everett

“There are two things that won't last long in this world, and that's dogs chasing cars and pros putting for pars”

Lee Trevino