Dollar Related Quotes

“Eventually, the movie theater owners realized they were missing out on a dollar, so they started selling it inside, too.”

Wendy Boersema

“We're likely to break the 8 yuan per dollar level this month. The diplomatic atmosphere has played a role as it suits Chinese interests to move a little quicker as the U.S.-China relationship is at risk of deterioration.”

Simon Flint

“It's notable that CAD has participated less in the gains against the U.S. dollar than most currencies have seen.”

Adam Cole

“Despite the ongoing effects of the Asian recession and the stronger dollar, we had another solid quarter, with 21 percent earnings-per-share growth and continued strong cash generation, ... We remain comfortable with the consensus earnings estimate for 1998 and expect to see earnings per share increase by a further 15 percent in 1999.”

David George

“Long term care drives the Medicaid portion of the budget. Every dollar we put up gets another dollar from the federal government. But, since we are an affluent state we don't get as many federal dollars as poorer states.”

William Murray

“The Canadian dollar is still very strong. It is perceived as a commodity currency, so any major commodities doing well will support the Canadian dollar. We are still bullish on the currency.”

Reid Farrill

“Democrats were quick to point out that President Bush's budget creates a 1 trillion dollar deficit. The White House quickly responded with 'Hey, look over there, it's Saddam Hussein.'”

Craig Kilborn

“The dollar is going to prove resilient, and we could see further gains. Higher rates have supported the dollar all year, and with more work to do by the Fed, I can't see that changing.”

Neil Mackinnon

“There are increased geopolitical tensions, mainly from Iran. Also, the topping of the U.S. dollar is now evident.”

Peter Grandich

“The combination of a sharp rebound in US equities, a slightly weaker dollar and strong Chinese data seems to have been enough to underpin the metals.”

William Adams