Doomed Related Quotes

“Well at least we are healthy. But once again we were doomed with a slow start in the first and third quarters. That doesn't cut it. We dug ourselves a hole we couldn't get out of.”

David Jones

“The evacuation of New Orleans doomed these animals to a fate of dehydration and starvation. We rescued people, but we left their pets behind to die. Amazingly, we are finding more alive every day, but after three weeks we are hitting the critical hour.”

Wayne Pacelle

“A 6-5 vote was -- you really can't take that to the public. We felt that referendum was doomed to fail.”

Rick Caporale

“When you're saddled with the fact that it's not low-level offenders and there's no accountability, it's doomed for failure.”

David Labahn

“Every other carrier that competed with them picked up the pace. They profoundly misunderstood the competitive response. They were doomed from day one.”

Vaughn Cordle

“She was doomed, she was flooding and she was going down, but she had reached a point where there was an illusion that she would float a longer period. People were inside, not panicked, and suddenly the hull cracked.”

Roger Long

“Nothing is perfect. A perfectionist is doomed to live forever unsatisfied.”

Sandra Al

“I always wanted to be an explorer, but - it seemed I was doomed to be nothing more than a very silly person.”

Michael Palin

“whenever you put happiness before righteousness, you will be doomed to misery. That is the great message of the Bible from beginning to end. They alone are truly happy who are seeking to be righteous.”

D. Martyn Lloyd Jones

“I think the White House knows once those hearings start, he's doomed.”

Steve Forbes