Doubles Related Quotes

“The first couple weeks we're experimenting (with the lineup). We'll lock in the doubles partners later.”

Matt Jensen

“We were working on our doubles because we got swept there by Texas Tech and (we are) focused on concentrating on the game. As the week went on, we were getting better, but now we will see in Utah.”

Olga Klimova

“It's been so hard. We couldn't get a lineup set, couldn't practice doubles and doubles teams need time together.”

Chris Linquist

“Fundamentally, I would say our doubles are improving and the No. 5 and 6 singles positions are doing respectably. That said, we need to be more competitive in the other positions.”

Daryl Lee

“This was a very close match. It went down to the third set of No. 2 doubles.”

Lee Wilson

“I knew the ball doesn't carry well here, and they were back playing no-doubles. I had to hit it pretty hard to get it over their heads.”

Chris Woodward

“Black River Falls has good singles players. But we're a little farther along with our doubles teams.”

Mark Ross

“We get doubles and then die on second. It's hard to score when nobody else comes behind you.”

Spencer Mitchell

“Our doubles are so talented. Everyone proved themselves during the fall and we will be deep this season. I would be shocked if we lose critical doubles points.”

Christian Thompson

“We need to start off solid with the doubles point and keep playing solid with the singles. We have to keep playing how we've been playing.”

Marc Spicijaric