Dozen Related Quotes

Three of my children married Jewish people. One did not and that marriage didn't last more than half a dozen years or so. The others are still very close.

Vera Rubin

[C]ouches and chairs covered in scratches aim away from one another, making it possible for a dozen people to sit in this room at once and not have to talk to one other person, which is a miracle in furniture arrangement.

Nova Ren Suma

One man with a head on his shoulders is worth a dozen without.

Elizabeth I

“There was an enormous motorcade, several dozen cars, which then wound its way from the airport through the city where there is still very, very intense anger over the NATO bombing and the deaths that were caused by it.”

Mike Chinoy

The novel is very much alive, indeed. In Toronto at the Sixth Annual International Festival of Authors (October 1985) I listened to novelists by the dozen.

William Golding

“Cheaper by the Dozen 2.”

Carmen Electra

“To have selected her, when conservative jurisprudence has at least a dozen others on a bench deeper than that of the New York Yankees, is scandalous.”

Charles Krauthammer

You may cure yourself of a depression by forcing yourself to perform, in rapid order and with excruciating concentration, half a dozen or so unpleasant chores, especially if they have long been postponed. This is a kind of homeopathic purgative, a treatment of like with like.

Robert Grudin

“One rose says more than the dozen.”

Wendy Craig

“I had a half-dozen cigarettes going in ashtrays all over the house and on the patio.”

Glady Carrillo