Draft Related Quotes

I do a first draft as passionately and as quickly as I can. I believe a story is valid only when it's immediate and passionate, when it dances out of your subconscious. If you interfere in any way, you destroy it.

Ray Bradbury

Having removed the dictator, the allies have moved to put Iraqis in control of Iraq. Now, as they draft and ratify their Constitution, we will indeed see the character of a new Iraqi nation revealed through the principles it chooses to uphold.

Kay Granger

“To me, there are three franchise quarterbacks in this draft, and the Dolphins won't be in position to draft any of them unless they trade up. I think all three of them will be gone in the top 10 [picks], maybe the top five.”

Mike Mayock

I don't like re-writing very much. The fourth and the fifth draft - that's too much like work. There's not much inspiration about it, and the lawyerly side kicks in - being very careful and somewhat technical.

Scott Turow

“We feel there are still a lot of quality players in these rounds of the draft, so we did our homework.”

Dave Sarachan

“I need to know what we think we might be able to get with our draft choices -- particularly our first-day draft choices. Once I can determine that with my personnel people, then I'll make a decision if it's worth continuing to pursue for a first-day draft choice, which I'm sure is what Matt wants.”

Carl Peterson

“I believe that a final, final draft has not yet been, or the edits have not been, presented yet so that is something that Iraqis will have to talk to each other and decide for themselves,”

Zalmay Khalilzad

I'm writing a first draft and reminding myself that I'm simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.

Shannon Hale

?All we have to do is get you to a point where you can write a good draft in 25 minutes. In 25 minutes, the people grading these essays are not expecting you to remember all the rules of grammar. To finish your paper is more important than having a perfect paper.?

Barbara Williams

Senescent judges show how patriotic they are by passing out hard sentences for tearing up a draft card or following one's conscience according to the principles established by our country at the Nuremburg trials.

Albert Szent-gyorgyi