Drain Related Quotes

?The course does drain quickly, but it has to have a lingering effect tomorrow.?

Ben Crenshaw

“You step up and drain it. You can't be worrying about the shots you've missed before. That was my mentality, just relax and put the ball in the hoop.”

Mandy Close

“They virtually have no public administration. There has been a huge, huge brain drain. Nobody wants to work for the government anymore because it is so weak.”

Carine Roenen

“Don't close it. Don't shrink it. Don't hack it up, ... Don't starve it of resources. Don't drain it of its professional talent. Don't hand it over to strangers. Don't pass the buck. Don't ignore it, and don't abandon the people it serves day in and day out.”

Diane Watson

“We are sucking out all the debris so in the next rain they can drain.”

Doug Jones

“There's a drain in the floor, with grease traps and sewage drains. We built this building first class, ... There's a full security system. We spent $85,000 to blacktop the parking lot.”

Cliff Hall

“I think we had 13 days without sunshine, and that's going to put a major drain on something like that. In a way, it's probably a good thing you still had the beacons on there, or else you wouldn't have had any lights on the signs.”

Marc Bowker

“The track is made for the rain. Technically, it's supposed to drain 20 minutes after the rain stops.”

Dave Walker

“If we need to drain the water, we will do it at a point where demand for electricity is low.”

Dave Andrew

“It is a drain,”

Doug Moore