Driver Related Quotes

“At the bus stop at William Avenue and Main Street, the male approached the bus driver, and physically assaulted him, resulting in the driver's glasses being broken.”

Jacqueline Chaput

“The T-bill rates index is the primary driver for the longer term CDs, 12 month and longer,”

Randy Rosen

“Anything that can keep a driver from being distracted has the potential to avoid accidents and then save lives.”

Capt. Shawn Morrissey

“It is safe to say that the Major Thoroughfare Program has been an economic driver to the city of Tupelo.”

Chuck Imbler Jr

“Overall, the push from speculators is the main driver for higher copper prices.”

Li Rong

“There is a big picture driver of this phenomenon. That is the significant discount in the price of rental housing in the expensive neighborhoods in which we own apartments compared with the cost of purchasing housing in these same neighborhoods.”

R. Scot Sellers

“I think that Kurt is a good guy. I think Kurt is an excellent driver and he's proved that by winning a championship. I think the situation I've had with Rusty (Wallace) in the past, having a teammate that at least isn't working against me will be a definite benefit.”

Ryan Newman

“The driver is very shaken up and upset. It is really unfortunate because the girl was wearing dark clothing, it was still partially dark, and she stepped right out in front of moving traffic. There was not much the driver could have done.”

Ed Troyer

“It's not likely there's going to be an amazingly straight driver that hits it a mile. [Greg] Norman in his day was probably the straightest and the longest. That's the best combination.”

Stuart Appleby

“HD DVD is destined to be a key driver for progress and the development of the consumer electronics, IT and entertainment industries.”

Yoshihide Fujii