Driving Related Quotes

“These are unique signs. They're not something you normally see driving around the lake and we're hoping when people see them they will ease up on the gas a little bit.”

Scott Magruder

“It's the result of our robust pipeline. That's what's driving the growth.”

Carol Pawlak

“Driving a fire truck is always a thrill. Is it better than sex? No!”

Lou Angeli

Family trips to Yellowstone and to what are now national parks in Southern Utah, driving the primitive roads and cars of that day, were real adventures.

Paul D. Boyer

“It's obvious that the driving world has changed a lot since 1985. My car really would not match up to today's vehicles.”

Stephen Johnson

“Immigration trends are virtually unaffected by spending on border enforcement, ... It means the things driving migration are too big to be counteracted by enforcement.”

Edward Taylor

“While revenues continue to be soft, our focus on gross margin, inventory levels and operating expenses is driving substantial profit improvement,”

Alan Lacy

“Asia has become a driving force of the world economy.”

Wu Jianmin

“The biggest thing driving the DVD market is not watching it, but owning it. There's a study that found an overwhelming amount of people buy full series, but have yet to open them or to take the cellophane off. The satisfaction is in owning them.”

Robert Thompson

“evidence that undermines any claims that the markets are driving these prices.”

Richard Blumenthal