Drum Related Quotes

“She kind of marched to her own drum. She just tended to gravitate to things that were a little bit off-center.”

Cathy Marrinan

“It reflects about 140 square feet of focused light onto the drum roaster. The external plate heats up to 1,200 degrees, which radiates heat to the inside of the oven.”

Michael Hartkop

“In the morning on Sunday, a drum is sounded at about 8 o'clock.”

William Brewster

“Not having a clue as to what type of act I'd perform, I borrowed a friend's drum set, contacted Van and in 1974 we began our career as Dan & Van -- the Two Man Band.”

Dan Rucker

“I told him it didn't matter. I had Michael Drum on me.”

Cedric Simmons

“These guys obviously were committed to getting away and were prepared to do so, ... They emptied a 100-round drum before they even left the door of the bank.”

Willie Williams

“The noisiest drum has nothing in it but air”

English Proverb

“Apple rarely gives developers any advance warning. It's one way they help maintain their drum-tight security. So the first we heard of Boot Camp was the day Apple announced it.”

Colin Smith

“I was in a drum-off, and I could've won a Mazda 6 if I would've won, ... But coach decided he'd get mad at me if I didn't show up, so I had to show up. Instead of having fun playing the drums, I had to come run. But hey, it worked out for the best.”

Anthony Jackson

“You should burn very cautiously. If you're burning your trash off, for example in a 55-gallon drum, the big thing is to keep a screen over it and watch for any embers that pop out.”

Chief Gary Ogden