Due Related Quotes

“I can't really make another Blur record that's a big landscape sort of thing, due to my very basic guitar ability, ... I want to sing and play so it has to be three chords. I can only do three chords and not look at the guitar.”

Damon Albarn

Today, the worst conflicts, the most deep-rooted violence, and those likely to emerge in the coming years are due to disparities in development.

Segolene Royal

I speak on due consideration because Britain, France, and Mexico, have abolished slavery, and all other European states are preparing to abolish it as speedily as they can.

William H. Seward

“I don't know if he's shooting as well as he did last year, but he's due to have one of those games. We can't lose him because he's going to put a lot of pressure on us.”

Frank Haith

Public worship occurs when the people of God assemble for the express purpose of giving to the Lord the glory due His name and enjoying the joy of His promised special presence with His own people.

Ligon Duncan

If it were ever allowable to forget what is due to superiority of rank, it would be when the privileged themselves remember it.

Sophie Swetchine

Though triumphs were to generals only due, crowns were reserved to grace the soldiers too.

Alexander Pope

I'm very grateful that Barack Obama as president very much put protection of privacy on the agenda today, due to the fact of Islamist terrorism all over the world.

Angela Merkel

“This is in part due to the way they are marketed.”

Charles Golvin

“Corporate citizen notwithstanding, ... a heck of a lot of Americans are dying prematurely due to this product.”

Cheryl Healton