Eager Related Quotes

“It is difficult for me always to let go, and I am still eager, but I'm taking things maybe a little lighter at times.”

Steffi Graf

“[To compliment the seniors, the Bruins have four freshmen joining the team.] They're all talented, young, eager and athletic, ... They'll have some good time to grow this season. They have a lot of potential.”

Rick Thompson

“We've seen so much enthusiasm for this program in Orlando and Atlanta. The seniors are eager to go online and use email, and the students are proud of their role as teacher and mentor - ultimately we'd like to bring this program to schools and senior centers across the country.”

Dan Greenfield

“They are clearly concerned about too many judges too ready and eager to legislate from too many benches,”

Karl Rove

“The people in the group were so knowledgeable and eager to share information or mentor each other. I learned so much about how to run my business from this group.”

Carolyn Millenson

“We're eager to have our readers be able to read the newspaper in 18 to 19 minutes. My wife calls it 'Newspapers Without Guilt.' I can read the newspaper, get through this newspaper before it goes on the recycling stack.”

Michael Phelps

“We?re all eager to better ourselves and improve.”

Emma Hayes

“We're going to have a mixed reaction because folks in our classrooms are representative of the population. Some are eager to use new technology and others would rather use pencil and paper.”

Dave Collins

“We are eager to see if we can use some of the techniques developed in the last few decades to 'sell' tractor operators on safer practices. Unless we can begin changing attitudes and behavior, we are not going to solve this problem.”

Steve Reynolds

“A fierce unrest seethes at the core, of all existing things:, it was the eager wish to soar, that gave the gods their wings.”

Don Marquis