Earned Related Quotes

“The kid deserves to play some quality minutes and not just mop-up duty. He's earned that right. But at quarterback it's a lot different than other positions. You have continuity issues. You don't want to do something that negatively will affect him.”

Daryl Dickey

“Our fans are really good, and that last group of guys practiced and earned their opportunity, too. They did a good job.”

Dan Schmidt

“We're a little surprised, considering some of the teams we've played. But only a little surprised. I think we've earned the 7-1.”

Eric Wagman

“When it comes to success in business, an MBA degree is optional. But a GSD, which is only earned by Getting Stuff Done, is required.”

Christine Comaford

“He's definitely the best player that has ever come out of Keystone Oaks. He's a hard-working kid that earned everything he is getting right now. His makeup will fit well with the Navy.”

Nick Kamberis

“They've earned it. They worked awfully hard. But there's a lot that can happen in February.”

Steve Alford

?I met Billy Goldenberg, my musical director and composer, who's earned 32 Emmy nominations by the way, in 1981.?

Beatrice Arthur

“The additional $120 million earned this year makes up for what growers lost the previous two years, bringing them to the break-even point.”

Nick Frey

“She more than earned her sobriquet, 'Miss Run Amok'.”

Maureen Dowd

“Jacob threw 84 pitches and gave up one earned run. He's one of those pitchers we're looking at, who can come in and solidify that third spot.”

Steve Dunn