Ease Related Quotes

The Tao is always at ease. It overcomes without competing, answers without speaking a word, arrives without being summoned, accomplishes without a plan. Its net covers the whole universe. And though its meshes are wide, it doesn't let a thing slip through.


I have the feeling it will influence my future writing to the extent that without any material worries I could develop a greater ease, even lightheartedness, in my writing

Elfriede Jelinek

Whate'er is well conceived is clearly said, And the words to say it flow with ease.

Nicolas Boileau-despreaux

“We are constantly misled by the ease with which our minds fall into the ruts of one or two experiences”

William Osler

This comes with my/our deepest sympathy, and the hope that the dear memories of your loved one and the passing of time will ease your sorrow.

Margaret Jones

The C language combines all the power of assembly language with all the ease-of-use of assembly language.

Mark Pearce

“Passage would bring relief to millions of small-business owners and their families. It would certainly ease Main Street's growing anxiety about being slapped with and ruined by a Mickey Mouse lawsuit.”

Dan Danner

Individuals approaching death often experience encounters with their dead relatives, who seem to welcome them to the next world. These deathbed visions are authentic and convincing; they are often followed by a state of euphoria and seem to ease the transition.

Stanislav Grof

The man to solitude accustom'd long, Perceives in everything that lives a tongue; Not animals alone, but shrubs and trees Have speech for him, and understood with ease, After long drought when rains abundant fall, He hears the herbs and flowers rejoicing all.

William Cowper

when the phone rings I too would like to hear words that might ease some of this.

Charles Bukowski