Economies Related Quotes

“It's going to be an uphill battle. They don't have a brand name or much economies of scale.”

Koichi Hariya

“New concerns about inflation, especially of oil prices, raises questions about the outlook for inflation in developed economies (that) could certainly upset that equation and drive emerging market spreads higher again.”

Christian Stracke

“These countries need to figure out a way to make their domestic economies grow. If they intensify their efforts to reform because their currencies have strengthened, then the world will be a better place.”

Steve Roach

“Strengthening economies in Japan and Europe, combined with the threat of further rate hikes from the Federal Reserve has investors anticipating higher rates and acting defensively.”

William O'donnell

“Given the domestic demand-led recovery, I would expect Japan to increase imports from China and other Asian economies this year, in a move to share the role with the United States as a major driving force in the world economy.”

Naoki Iizuka

“It's true that technology and the information age is sweeping the world. It has changed fundamentally some of the economies of the world.”

Dan Miller

“OPEC wants the maximum price they can sustain to meet their budgetary needs and investment plans, and keep their economies growing, while making sure that demand in the rest of the world keeps growing. The Saudis have hinted they believe that price was now between $50 and $60 a barrel.”

Yasser Elguindi

“This is an intriguing development considering the strength of local economies and that the Southeast was leading the nation in consumer confidence only 12 months ago.”

Craig Wright

“This is likely to continue as demand for power grows mainly in the developing economies. But coal must remain competitively priced, especially as pollution abatement costs increase as carbon emission plans increase.”

Claude Mandil

“Just one in ten of the vehicles we tested achieved fuel economies as good as or better than EPA estimates.”

David Champion