Economy Related Quotes

“As fuel economy becomes more of a part of the purchase equation to consumers, it proves to be easier to deal with at the manufacturing level.”

Chris Preuss

“We believe the noise will remain constant, but the signal/noise ratio is clearly falling, as the macro economy continues to enter a recovery phase.”

Adam Le Mesurier

“The market is shifting back to the view that the U.S. economy is picking up, and we may see further rate hikes. You'll see the dollar gaining against most major currencies.”

Antje Praefcke

“Both the economy and profits are going to turn.”

Charles Pradilla

“We are disappointed that the MPC felt unable to take action to counter the adverse pressures affecting the economy.”

David Frost

“The soft economy -- and regulations which our competitors don't face -- have combined to force us to cut expenses and jobs,”

William Daley

“The economy is generally slowing for a wide variety of reasons -- energy is one, but also the stimulus is wearing off.”

Alan Ruskin

“The elements that brought us here are still with us. The world economy is chugging along, which is leading to increased demand. The stock and bond markets aren't so attractive that all of the funds are going to exit energy.”

Michael Fitzpatrick

“Steady growth in the South African economy and a determination by many countries in Africa to transform their economies using technology enhances the expansion of our potential markets. The transparency and access to best practices that SAP brings help in their drive to improve governance.”

Claas Kuehnemann

“And so that would be a job killer move, just as our economy is moving in the right direction.”

Scott Mcclellan