Educational Related Quotes

With anything, you have to approach from an educational, mature standpoint.


This is very positive for our community...The educational facilities in our area are enjoying advanced broadband services over a state-of-the-art 4G wireless network

Larry Gates

Erudite and entertaining, Max Anderson is the perfect tour guide to the world of art. The Quality Instinct is both educational and enlightening from start to finish, the thinking person's guide to museums. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to truly understand what makes a masterpiece.

Daniel Silva

Our home had many books due principally to the educational interests of my sister and two brothers, all of whom where serious students engaged in professional studies; my sister became a doctor of medicine and my brothers became lawyers.

Frederick Reines

In order to arrive to a more realistic view of society, it must be recognized that there are individual differences that cannot be eradicated by the most rigid curriculum, and that various individuals will choose different educational curricula if allowed to do so.

Carl Eckart

You have, unfortunately, a K-12 educational system where the requirements to graduate are not the requirements to be college and career-ready. So if you want young adults who are college and career-ready, our K-12 system right now does not have that as its standard.

Gerald Chertavian

Organizing is an educational process. The best educational process in the union is the picket line and the boycott. You learn about life.

Cesar Chavez

I think that any important educational goal can be realized via several routes.

Howard Gardner

Salvation for our educational ills... will have to come from within an educational community willing to say we have met the enemy and it is us.

Seymour Sarason

Today, Wilberforce University welcomes many of America's poorest and most underserved populations and transforms their educational dreams into realities.

Eric Metaxas