Edwin Related Quotes

“We had the doctor check him out and he was OK. Edwin had a huge game.”

Rob Rowe

“Insurance professional Edwin McKnight was a farmer back then, and I helped him load hay in late summer, ... After eating a large succulent noon meal, I went back to haul hay, and I passed out. That scared me to death. As a young newlywed, I sure didn't want to stop living, so I went to Weight Watchers.”

David Edwards

“I was getting them to hit the ball on the ground. Edwin picked me up, made about four or five good plays for me. Those plays come up key getting you out of an inning.”

Aaron Harang

?Edwin was a tough, tough old guy. He played as recently as November in Baton Rouge, even though he was playing in a wheelchair and it was difficult for him to go.?

Ben Sandmel