Eerie Related Quotes

“I think most people are curious about what it would be like to be able to meet yourself - it's eerie.”

Christy Turlington

Clothes, as much as music, have an eerie echo of time and place.

Suzy Menkes

“We heard a loud noise, we started rocking and went over. It was kind of eerie when the bottom is up.”

Richard Gray

“It's like being on Western Port Bay on a cold summer's afternoon. There's no one here. It's eerie.”

Dermott Brereton

National honor is the national property of the highest value. So...uh...I saw the final episode of True Detective season one, and I was left disappointed. All that "Yellow King" bullshit and eerie mythos and nihilism for what, some hackneyed ending about the light beating the dark!? I feel cheated.

James Monroe

One thing I've found that I can do that I really enjoy is rereading my own writing, earlier stories and novels especially. It induces mental time travel, the same way certain songs you hear on the radio do ... the whole thing returns, an eerie feeling that I'm sure you've experienced.

Philip K. Dick

Finally, I began to write about becoming an older woman and the trepidation it stirred. The small, telling "betrayals" of my body. The stalled, eerie stillness in my writing, accompanied by an ache for some unlived destiny. I wrote about the raw, unsettled feelings coursing through me, the need to divest and relocate, the urge to radically simplify and distill life into a new, unknown meaning.

Sue Monk Kidd

unquestioning automatonsblindly marching to the beat -an eerie crunching soundhoards of shuffling feet(from silent moments)


Depths of Friendship...under fathoms deepof dark and bitter coldan eerie oscillationreverberated brash and bold...


I do believe in an everyday sort of magic -- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone.

Charles De Lint