Effectively Related Quotes

By using vertical space more effectively, you not only make more room for greenery but shorter commutes also mean less pressure on CO2 emission problems and by freeing up time now spent on unproductive commuter trains, people would have more options in their lives.

Minoru Mori

“We used a staged approach to this transmission development to ensure that we are prudently and effectively taking care of the immediate, medium and long-term needs of the region. There is always some level of uncertainty with respect to when and where new generation and load might locate, and so our plans must be flexible enough to ensure that we can accommodate anticipated future scenarios reliably.”

Neil Millar

“There are companies that do nothing but prepare interviewers on how to interview effectively.”

Carole Martin

Windmills and solar cells are carbon-free sources of electricity. But they are costly. If you've been investing in those, give it up. That game is effectively over.

Kenneth Fisher

Hate speech it seems to be is been defined by the political left as anything we don't like, anything that violates social justice doctrines, feminism, Black Lives Matter kind of ideology. It is not something that I have ever heard particularly effectively defined.

Milo Yiannopoulos

I love watching Anthony Kim play, but I'm not a fan of the way he grips down a good two inches on his full-swing shots. Choking down lightens the club's swingweight and effectively makes the shaft stiffer.

Lee Trevino

If women really earned fifty-nine cents to the dollar for the same work as men, what business could compete effectively by hiring men at any level?

Warren Farrell

No committee could ever come up with anything as revolutionary as a camel - anything as practical and as perfectly designed to perform effectively under such difficult conditions.

Laurence J. Peter

“We were delighted to have worked with Microsoft on its electric solar system. Microsoft is effectively lowering operating costs, reducing purchases of expensive peak electricity, and improving the health and quality of life in California through its Silicon Valley Campus solar power program.”

Dan Shugar

“I was looking for somebody who could operate effectively and had good personal chemistry.”

Robert Crandall