Either Related Quotes

“We did a hell of a job on her. Those shots she made weren't easy ones, either. They weren't 3-foot turnarounds, they were 10-footers.”

Chad Lavin

“Either Tom Lee and partners are victims of fraud or they dropped the ball in terms of due diligence. Today, we don't know which it is. This is not a good time to come to market with a new fund.”

William Atwood

“It could have went either way,”

Matt Bowen

“That game could have gone either way 15 or 20 times.”

Paul Marick

“The fact that the market hasn't moved strongly either up or down all week, really says that it's looking for direction.”

Kate Warne

“Some companies believe if they took over Knight Ridder, they could raise the margin, either by cutting costs or raising revenue.”

Paul Ginocchio

“With 38 states either limiting eminent domain abuses or currently in the process of doing so, this is a grassroots movement of epic proportions. There is a real opportunity to change the law, and state legislators from both parties are taking notice.”

Scott Bullock

“Well, either side could win it, or it could be a draw.”

Ron Atkinson

“I don't know the traffic regulations of every city I get to either,but I manage to drive through without being arrested.”

Lloyd Mangrum

“[If you're to believe either unflattering film, Martha isn't funny, witty or much of a pleasure to be around.] Behind Bars ... that if (Stewart) came in the room right now, I might make a fast exit.”

Cybill Shepherd