Either Related Quotes

“It was kind of a strange 10 or 15 minutes. Whoever we got, we got. Either way, I think we'll be ready.”

Chris Drury

“Look at the way breaststrokers stand. When kids come out of the womb they are either breaststrokers or they aren't. [Breaststrokers need] a lot of hip flexibility and ankle flexibility and knee strength, and those with a wide, duck-type stance can take advantage of that more normally than someone who is a straight-on walker.”

Dave Salo

?I'm going to have to pay for that, either by increasing prices or start charging for delivery or add a fuel surcharge. It's going to affect pricing.?

Barry Silverman

“Usually, there's no cell phones, either.”

Elizabeth Ramsey

“It's not the way you like to do it. But either way, we achieved the goal, and that was to make sure he was on our team.”

Scott Linehan

“Don't think I won't take it seriously, either. It's not like something we can go over and just mess around. Any European team can win.”

Mike D'antoni

“The only pledge I'd believe is, if either one or both of them said, 'I'm going to be mayor in 2007 and, if the MTA has a deficit, I'll fill it with city money,'”

Gene Russianoff

“This selection clearly indicates that Mellon is not for either sale or dismemberment. It is more likely to go on an acquisition binge.”

Richard Bove

“The rest of them (the performers) will either be singing individually or performing in a duet. We have a very nice, diverse group.”

David Kinley

There is no such thing as a little freedom. Either you are all free, or you are not free.

Walter Cronkite