Either Related Quotes

“It looks like whether you treat them together or separately, it would certainly be an uphill fight for either of them, and clearly part of that has to do with a continuing reluctance on the part of a large number of American voters to think in terms of a woman in the White House.”

Lee Miringoff

“Why, then 'tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so: to me it [Denmark] is a prison.”

William Shakespeare

“You pick your poison. You either give up the deep ball to Santana and (Chris) Cooley or let me grind it out.”

Clinton Portis

“I'm not sure if I buy that, ... This is clearly another issue on our plate now that we're either going to have to deal with or just live with.”

Adam Rothberg

“You are either long or short. There is no such thing as a hold.”

Mark Hulbert

“I want to warn anybody who in any way - either verbal, written, direct or indirect, by electronic messages or through carrier pigeons - communicates with fugitives from The Hague.”

Vladimir Vukcevic

“We slowed down the offense and concentrated on defense for a while. This will either tire out the team on offense, or defense. Unfortunately, it wore us down a bit.”

Cathy Alexander

“Some companies believe if they took over Knight Ridder, they could raise the margin, either by cutting costs or raising revenue.”

Paul Ginocchio

“It's not a question of either or, robotics or humans, ... The strategy we try to employ is not an either or but the best of both.”

Sean O'keefe

“If a nominee has been very active in either organization, it raises some red flags. If you have that membership and a record of activism, that compounds the felony,”

Sheldon Goldman