Elections Related Quotes

“The political debate that unfolded around these elections, both prior to and during the actual campaign period, is something that will enrich the Egyptian political dialogue for years to come, ... It is a beginning.”

Sean Mccormack

Parties that win elections should form the government, not parties that lose elections.

Nicola Sturgeon

“It is often said that in our next meeting, we cannot do anything because there are elections,”

William Mcdonough

“We hope the confusion doesn't discourage people's faith in the University Board of elections.”

Sara Anderson

“The elections were lost by the NDA on the 'India Shining' campaign,”

Arun Kumar

“These elections can only be described as free and fair.”

Alcee Hastings

“We weren't comfortable about the Board of Elections hiring someone that a county department had fired for cause, but we do not control the hiring practices of the elections board, which is technically a state entity.”

Edward Dumas

“The fear is that the tension will result in new elections and Turkey won't be able to put in a strong anti-inflation program.”

Anne Mills

Elections have consequences. And I fundamentally believe - this is my personal opinion, I know it's a slightly partisan thing to say - to really do what we think needs to be done, we're going to have to win some elections.

Paul Ryan

“From a technical point of view these elections are as sound as they can be under the circumstance.”

Carina Perelli