Element Related Quotes

I'm aware of the luck in [BABIP], but at the same time, you can't directly influence it. You can just keep mixing your patterns, executing and locating, That's the human element of this game.

Max Scherzer

The element of the unexpected and the unforeseeable is what gives some of its relish to life and saves us from falling into the mechanical thralldom of the logicians.

Winston Churchill

Adjective salad is delicious, with each element contributing its individual and unique flavor; but a puree of adjective soup tastes yecchy.

William Safire

“It sends the worst signal to the criminal element if you commute someone. What are other criminals supposed to think ... that if you suddenly write poetry, say all the right things, and find a champion on the outside that you get a 'get out of jail free' card?”

Michael Paranzino

First of all, at any company, the investment in research and development in the products is the lifeblood, so that is a critical element of anyone's future going forward.

Stephen Elop

I love chaos.... It's the poetic element in a dull and ordered world.

Ben Shahn

One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.

Marshall Mcluhan

Tutankhamun was not black, and the portrayal of ancient Egyptian civilization as black has no element of truth to it.

Zahi Hawass

“This is another exciting element of Sprint's Super Bowl XL sponsorship reserved for our customers. Last year, Sprint introduced the first wireless music store in the United States. We want our customers to be able to replay the fantastic songs from the halftime show whenever they want.”

Steve Gaffney

The spiritual element, the really important part of religion, has no concern with Time and Space, temporary mundane laws, or conduct.

Richard Le Gallienne