Emphasis Related Quotes

It's not fair the emphasis put on beauty, or on sexuality.

Rosanna Arquette

“We have to be up and running because if you look at these (other) countries, they are really placing emphasis on their youth development, so therefore the fact that we are doing that just now also and we see ourselves as the superior country, our intention is to justify that.”

Wendell Downswell

“Our emphasis is, you have to get it at the source, and the source is birds.”

Andrea Morgan

“We're not going to put more emphasis on it now. We should be doing that already.”

Dominic Raiola

“False eloquence is exaggeration; true eloquence is emphasis.”

William R. Alger

“We hadn't done that in the first two weeks. That was really a major point of emphasis during our practices and the kids responded well.”

Craig Winninghoff

“With our strong emphasis on green building in homes, it's the next natural step in the progression. We're pleased. It fits in well with what we're trying to do in Lakewood Ranch.”

Sondra Guffey

“The defensive three-second rule, the emphasis of calling the forearm check and the emphasis on defenders being required to get their full torso in front of the offensive player [to draw a charge] have provided an incentive to offensive players to drive the ball to the rim. That's creating higher-quality scoring opportunities.”

Stu Jackson

“Arnold is not moving substantively very far at all, but he is dramatically changing his emphasis. Almost every policy proposal that's come out of the Governor's Office over the last week or two is not significantly different from things he's talked about in the past. But he's making a much greater effort to emphasize a more moderate and conciliatory approach.”

Dan Schnur

“He is serious but improving, with the emphasis on improving, ... The infection has caused him to be severely ill, but he is certainly responding to treatment and we hope to move him out of intensive care in the next 24 hours.”

Roger Williams