Employees Related Quotes

“In order to protect the privacy of victims' families, we will not release the names of those employees and subcontractors who have lost their lives.”

Melissa Norcross

“West Virginia was a wake-up call for everyone. We're trying to get employees to realize they're No. 1 for protecting themselves.”

Dave Cook

“These must be distributed to their employees by the 31st of January and they must file with us by the end of the month of February.”

Art Ilagan

“They have to change or die. If that means getting rid of significant numbers of employees and reshaping (their) business to fit the new environment, that is what (they) have to do.”

Chris Partridge

“County employees can drop in, schedule office space and have full access to computers, printers, phones, etc..”

Merni Fitzgerald

“The return to profit, plus lower contributions to the employees' pension fund thanks to a new law, will definitely help the government sell the bank.”

Dimitris Haralambopoulos

“Employees are asking, 'Where can I find my own advancement?' If that means changing companies, that's what they're doing. They're also looking for a work environment that has some flexibility. They're looking for a better salary and a supervisor who treats them with respect.”

Gena Champagne

“Employers should encourage workers to take breaks throughout the day ... overqualified employees will get bored in their jobs much quicker than those who find their work more challenging.”

Hernan Daguerre

?They will never come out and say this is in lieu of care. But we see a lot of employees who will say it is in lieu of and will go that route. It means again lower cost to the carrier and the HMO that's providing the benefits.?

Barry Barnett

“The emergence of integrating presence applications to streamline communications amongst employees is one area that is garnering tremendous interest from enterprise customers worldwide. Cisco and IBM demonstrating standards-based integration of presence applications within a leading IP communications systems environment is indicative of this trend and the forthcoming delivery of these solutions.”

Zeus Kerravala