Empty Related Quotes

The more I accomplish the more I realize how empty my life is.

Behdad Sami

A beadlet dribbles down her cheek to wake a wet remembrance where the insincere took hold to empty forth her wounded heart.

Ronald H Peat

To an honest judge, the alleged convergence between religion and science is a shallow, empty, hollow, spin-doctored sham.

Richard Dawkins

Treat your parents with loving care for you will only know their values when you see their empty chair.


The Republican Party is an empty vessel unless we imbue it with values.

Rand Paul

“It's an interesting thing. You get yourself into a zone. You only stop to fill the tank or empty the bladder. You're aware of everything. That's the difference between a car and a cycle. With a car, you're in a cage. Surrounded by an unchanging environment. On the bike, you're aware of everything. You're part of everything.”

Cameron Smith

The most significant thing is public participation. That assures the Afghan public that our promises are not empty.

Ashraf Ghani

Barack Obama's campaign of empty self-contradictory promises has apparently hoodwinked the state of Wyoming...

Charles Foster Johnson

Life is not fair; you do what it takes and at the end, you are the only person going home with empty hands.

M.f. Moonzajer

Observe and gradually you will come to see that all existence is occurring in empty awareness.