Engine Related Quotes

How did you learn to drive like that?" Gwen yelled over the howl of six hundred horses. "Watching Jacks." She gunned the engine and slipped around another car. "What?" "You know, watching his shifting." Gwen gasped. "You've been looking at his SHIFTER?

Scott Speer

“That's the difference in intensity between the sound made by a vacuum cleaner and the sound of a motorcycle engine.”

Dean Garstecki

There are excellent public interest grounds to have a search engine whose rankings are transparent.

Mitch Kapor

I think the internal combustion engine will disappear from the streets of our cities in the next thirty years because transportation will be mass transportation, or probably electrical power.

Gaylord Nelson

“The American experiment is the most tremendous and far reaching engine of social change which has ever either blessed or cursed mankind.”

Charles Francis Adams

“Once more the engine of her thoughts began. . . .”

William Shakespeare

“The small business infrastructure remains the engine of growth for many of the cities and small towns badly damaged by last year's hurricanes. With the dedicated teamwork of our local partners, SAP hopes to enable business processes at affected small businesses, allowing them to rebuild today while planning for long-term prosperity.”

Dan Kraus

“The contract with Jenson, which I would not want to discuss openly, does not have an engine escape clause,”

Frank Williams

A world where everyone creates content gets confusing pretty quickly without a good search engine.

Ethan Zuckerman

Life is 440 horsepower in a 2-cylinder engine.

Henry Miller