England Related Quotes

Ever since I first came here in 1963 to fight Henry Cooper, I have loved the people of England.

Muhammad Ali

“Newspapermen learn to call a murderer "an alleged murderer" and the King of England "the alleged King of England" to avoid libel suits.”

Stephen Leacock

I really like England. I like the lifestyle and the country. The history. The culture, which London is full of. The country pursuits.

Leon Max

My life is dedicated to the discovery of God, the advancement of science, and the pre-eminence of England.

Kedar Joshi

I grew up in the countryside in the middle of nowhere in England and got out as soon as I could!

Rupert Friend

I think everyone around the world knows the tools are there in England's armoury to do well in a World Cup. The challenge is to go out there and prove it.

Steven Gerrard

And they that rule in England, in stately conclaves met, alas, alas for England they have no graves as yet.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

In England, nobody's your friend.

Quentin Crisp

The people of England will curse themselves for having preferred ruin from Churchill to peace from Hitler.

William Joyce

I know that England changed me. I became a little bit colder, a little different.

Danica Patrick