Enjoy Related Quotes

The happy are an exception who enjoy innocently their simple happiness.

Baltasar Gracian

I really enjoy creating music onstage, to participate in making music live.

Rickie Lee Jones

I'm supremely grateful and seriously pleased that readers enjoy my words.

Alison Tyler

“I think it's a terrible thing to write and not enjoy it. It's a sad thing. But of course a lot of people do work because they need to eat. And we all need to eat, but that's not the only reason to work. You couldn't have paid me not to write.”

Anne Perry

“All the services residents have come to enjoy the last 20 years in Hazel Park, we want to keep.”

Mayor Jack Lloyd

Scared is the price brave people pay to enjoy lives that make history.

Robin Sharma

“Last year, I felt really good. I enjoy playing here.”

Lorena Ochoa

“The buzz that is created when you first announce a big event is something that I enjoy immensely. That in itself makes what I do so satisfying.”

Nick Orphanos

“You don't enjoy it when he gets you out and makes you look a monkey. But if you get runs against him, you enjoy that because you know you've certainly earned them.”

Michael Atherton

Share and enjoy the fruits of this planet.

Chuck D