Ensure Related Quotes

“We are working with the appropriate authorities to ensure his well-being.”

Lou Fintor

“Thirty is widely considered to be the minimum number that can be used to ensure statistical reliability from year to year.”

Alan Ray

“They made a lot of moves last year to ensure the title, so it's really a credit to the Hunter brothers, I think, that they've been able to do what they've been able to do a second year here, given the fact they made so many moves last year.”

Dick Todd

“Well, yes. I mean, look, you can only do your job, and my job was to ensure that they were aware of what the law was.”

Linda Tripp

“Governments need to fully implement the measures that they have agreed to ensure that the exploitation of sturgeon stocks is commercially and environmentally sustainable over the long term.”

Willem Wijnstekers

“There is little scope for significant price reductions, but we will be seeking to work with the government to ensure that U.K. customers continue to buy with confidence from U.K. dealers.”

Christopher Macgowan

“Counsel for both the DNC and Clinton/Gore used those (FEC) guidelines to approve every ad to ensure strict compliance with the law, ... We are hopeful that once the Department has reviewed this matter fully, it will conclude that these ads were proper.”

Charles Ruff

“A stable democratic government in Afghanistan is the larger strategic objective. The intention is to ensure that Afghanistan does not become in any way a haven supporting radicalism and terrorism, as it had in the Taliban time. Helping Afghanistan to consolidate would be in India's interest.”

C. Uday Bhaskar

“Our customers' challenges are complex, and they are looking beyond point tools to ensure successful verification -- and successful silicon. With our new knowledge system, we are providing our customers proven plan-to-closure methodology and, importantly, packaging and delivering it in an innovative way that best ensures early success for their chip or system across the enterprise.”

Steve Glaser

“We continue to see high demand for international cargo capacity and we want to ensure that we have the aircraft to meet that demand long-term.”

Rob Binns