Entertaining Related Quotes

Susanne Alleyn's Game of Patience is a well-crafted historical mystery, authentic in every detail. Wonderfully entertaining.

Sandra Gulland

I respect anyone who's honest to themselves and able to bring that into their work in an entertaining fashion.

Doc Brown

I like entertaining people. I want to make big entertainment.

Elizabeth Banks

No temptation is a temptation, unless we are entertaining it.

Sterling W Sill

My films ought to be judged on whether they're entertaining or good as films, but not on the political view necessarily. I'm trying to be morally responsible and no more. I don't have an agenda I'm trying to push.

Sydney Pollack

The cocktail party is probably America's greatest contribution to the world of entertaining.

Martha Stewart

Most people view the artistic process as something of a mystery. Leverage that, and engage your prospective clients with good stories. For many, buying art is their escape from the real world. Make it entertaining and enjoyable.

Cory Trepanier

I don't like television and movies where it's like, "Well, that was entertaining, but when I think back on it, that didn't really make sense and it's empty." That's like junk food, to me.

Frank Spotnitz

If investing is entertaining, if you're having fun, you're probably not making any money. Good investing is boring.

George Soros

But to Lord Peter the world presented itself as an entertaining labyrinth of side-issues

Dorothy L. Sayers