Entertainment Related Quotes

“The abuse of ecstasy in entertainment pubs in large and medium cities of China was increasingly conspicuous, which undermines both the physical and mental health of the young people.”

Wang Gang

“We look forward to bringing a new entertainment experience to our customers by delivering programming that consumers want while protecting the rights of our partners in the content community.”

Dorothy Attwood

“We love what we do. The entertainment business is about creating relationships. We're building it one act at a time, one referral at a time. It is based on integrity, good will and customer service.”

Laurie Hodges

“Independent filmmakers now have the ability to deliver quality entertainment to the masses, cost-effectively and efficiently with the help of DAVE.TV and Beyond Media.”

Adrian Grenier

“The Internet browser and other added functionality ... will further enhance the user experience beyond the unprecedented portable entertainment already provided by PSP,”

Andrew House

“Journalism is the entertainment business.”

Frank Herbert

“Your worst humiliation is only someone else's momentary entertainment”

Karen Crockett

“I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information.”

David Ogilvy

“The Queen Elizabeth II provides vast amounts of entertainment for an age that has forgotten how to amuse itself unaided.”

Hans Koning

“Our product is good; our entertainment value at games is high. People go away having had a good time, whether we win or lose.”

Chris Presson