Entire Related Quotes

“The entire electorate is traumatized to some extent. They are very worried about what's going to happen to them. They are looking for a candidate who is a savior, a champion.”

Susan Howell

“I just went out and did what my coach told me to do -- wrestle the entire match. I knew I had him about the second or third time he tried shooting and he didn't even get my legs.”

Andrew Martin

“I was just focused, like our entire team was. I knew I had to hit those free throws if we were going to win. I was confident that I could make them, and that's what happened.”

Mike Anderson

“It's very clear -- investors only want to buy blue chips, not the entire high-tech sector.”

Hiroshi Sato

“We have strived to be successful not only in the local communities, but as an entire corporation. It is so exciting that our company has been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine for our hard work and accomplishments in 2005.”

Karen Powell Ceo

“Our entire inventory is actually 17 trailers.”

David Hansen

“That brings the cost of our entire system down to about $3,000.”

Sharon Cody

“He wanted to comply. He wanted to talk about the whole entire incident,”

Edward Hammond

“The entire house was engulfed. Flames were shooting up through the roof.”

Lt. Miguel Rosario

“Had Britain so insisted, Iraq after Saddam might have avoided the violence that may yet prove fatal to the entire enterprise.”

Christopher Meyer