Entire Related Quotes

“Everyone on our entire team made comments about how calm things were on the pit box. Everyone realizes now maybe that's where we've gone wrong in the past. We've been too aggressive and too uptight. The patience paid off, and if we can carry that lesson through the season, we'll be shooting for a championship.”

Darian Grubb

“We got over $1,000 in donations at the breakfast this morning, and at one point the entire cafeteria was filled with a line out the door.”

Melissa Gayer

“The packaging industry is undergoing swift changes, and Smurfit-Stone is in the process of assessing its entire asset base to determine how to stay ahead of the market.”

Patrick Moore

“When we came out and saw the entire crowd, it was absolutely packed, and it was an amazing site to walk out to that.”

Sean Collins

“Iran must know that if the soil of Afghanistan is attacked, we will target Iranian cities and the entire responsibility will rest with Iranian authorities.”

Wakil Ahmed

“Katie was in charge that entire match. She was focused and played a very smart match.”

Gail Patton

“I think we are certainly playing hard enough, but we aren't doing it over the entire game. That's the next thing.”

Ron Jirsa

“I am fully committed to thorough and impartial investigations that examine the role, commissions and omissions of the entire chain of command, and that includes me.”

Ricardo Sanchez

“We knew we had to step up tonight and I thought our girls played hard the entire night. We knew this was an important conference game and we acted like it.”

Connie West

“The Carmichaels game was back and forth the entire game and Jesse was kind of passive through most of it. But he went to the hole and hit a shot that gave us the lead and the guys got a lot of confidence from it.”

Fred Morecraft