Entire Related Quotes

“I was looking for a ball away the entire at-bat. I fouled a couple off, pitches that I could have hit. He kept living out there and left me one up that I could handle.”

Will Harris

“The thoughts and prayers of the entire Christopher Reeve Foundation team are with Dana and her loved ones during this difficult time. We are certain that Dana will tackle this challenge with the grace, courage, and determination that have become her hallmark.”

Kathy Lewis

“Our entire hockey staff is very excited about the addition of Jose Theodore. With this acquisition, we are convinced that we are securing our goaltending position for many years.”

Pierre Lacroix

“We battled back. We were behind the eight ball the entire game. They're hungry and you have to mach their intensity.”

Kyle Calder

“You may see things that appear to be coordinated in a particular area that are not coordinated throughout the entire country.”

Donald Rumsfeld

“Our seminars cover the entire spectrum of fishing, from the beginner who has never been out to the long-range veteran who wants to learn more.”

Catherine Miller

“We can show not only the bike route, but we'll be able to show our entire city from a bird's-eye view online, whether you're in Italy, England, Alaska, California or anywhere in the world. You'll have the opportunity to take a virtual tour before, during and after the event, and you can go block by block on the route.”

Chris Dennis

“It was raining the entire game, and you could barely see across the field due to the heavy fog.”

Anthony Desjardins

“The sensual mysticism of entire vertical being.”

E. E. Cummings

“What he meant to his game, not just to this city but to the entire league, with his sportsmanship and his class and his character, it doesn't come around often. Just the things that he did outside of this court, I think it's long overdue. He's definitely deserving.”

Chauncey Billups