Environment Related Quotes

Help! I'm being held prisoner by my heredity and environment.

Dennis Allen

“We wanted to help create a healthy environment for students and help them learn healthy behaviors. A cookie is not bad for you, but if you have three cookies for lunch, it is not a good thing.”

Donnell Barton

“We simply want to offer academics in a Christian environment.”

Dee Tidwell

“The environment on the buses appears to be a big issue, and we need to get on it.”

Shelia Jackson

“Our third-quarter results reflect the continuing soft ad environment, which is impacting both our newspaper and television groups.”

Dennis Fitzsimons

It's inevitable your environment will influence what you do.

Duncan Sheik

The work of education is divided between the teacher and the environment.

Maria Montessori

As an artist, environment has a lot of impact on choices, and these choices can change by changing your location.

Ashkan Kooshanejad

“We want to enable a very secure, Net-centric computer environment for consumers and small business,”

Srivats Sampath

The most certain thing you can say about the environment tomorrow is that it probably is going to be just like today, for the most part.

Kevin Kelly