Environment Related Quotes

“We listen to our customers. We know (they) are concerned about the environment.”

Chris Burns

“A London Games in 2012 would create a lasting legacy for sport, the environment, and for local, national and global communities.”

Sebastian Coe

Talent emerges over the course of a lifetime of reciprocal interactions between the developing brain and a stimulating environment.

Scott Barry Kaufman

“The heart of our relationship, this natural environment that has blessed us really all along the west coast of North America, on both sides of the border we've realized that this incredible natural wealth comes with a price.”

Dan Miller

“Requesting a change of environment was an extremely difficult decision. After a tremendous amount of reflection and numerous conversations with my family, it made the most sense to seek a change.”

Dany Heatley

I worked for Xerox for 4 years and after that I knew I was never going to be a corporate person. It wasn't my environment.

Robert Kiyosaki

“The environment is very much an issue. But if we accept we're going to have dogs, (then) they're going to need to be walked. It's better to have one person out there than eight people, there's less of an (environmental) impact.”

Erica Mustard

“Every portfolio manager that you talked to is probably beaten up pretty badly right now. It's been a difficult environment but still, in all, it's an environment where we are going through the typical pre-release of earnings numbers.”

Charles White

“It's a good place to work. It's a different environment than old Perkins. Just having more space has a huge effect.”

Christine Lee

Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human nature.

Ezra Taft Benson