Episode Related Quotes

“After each episode, we received hundreds of phone calls from families that wanted this extraordinary air cleaning system. They saw us creating America's healthiest homes, and that is what they wanted.”

Frank Hammes

We had very, very, very little money to make the show [ Gigi Does It]. We shot every episode in two days. It was non-WGA, non-DGA, so we couldn't write anything. The whole thing had to be improv.

David Krumholtz

Yeah, you can explore a lot more. Every one of the storylines is multi-faceted, so there are so many directions that it can go. It makes each episode so interesting.

Mireille Enos

We had an episode where Bud asks his dad, I was named after the beer, right, Dad? And Ed ONeill, who played my dad, says, Uh. . . . Right, son! My theory is that Bud Bundy was named after marijuana.

David Faustino

I mean, every Star Trek episode you saw was just phenomenal.

Persis Khambatta

When I was seven and watched an episode of 'Beyond 2000' that featured a floating armchair, I thought we'd definitely have one of those by 15, at the latest.

Stella Young

Someone with inborn talent isn't happy. It's those who have worked hard for someone precious to them and who can be hot-blooded that are happy." -Gai Sensei: Naruto Episode 196

Masashi Kishimoto

We did want it ["Mary and Jane"] to feel a little different and have some surreal weird touches, which we try to do every episode. That is what we took advantage of.

Harry Elfont

Sometimes I look back and think, 'Good. I'd love to go in and bang out a good episode of 'Talk Soup' today.'

Greg Kinnear

If my day, week or year is going badly, I need not ask of each negative episode or situation whether it had racial overtones.

Peggy Mcintosh