Equipment Related Quotes

Patriotism is not sentimental nonsense. Nor something dreamed up by demagogues. Patriotism is as necessary a part of man's evolutionary equipment as are his eyes, as useful to the race as eyes are to the individual.

Robert A. Heinlein

“A technical team from UNSCOM (the U.N. Special Commission disarming Iraq) has gone out to maintain monitoring equipment.”

Caroline Cross

... four other pieces of equipment that most senior officers came to regard as among the most vital to our success in Africa and Europe were the bulldozer, the jeep, the 2--ton truck, and the C-47 airplane. Curiously, none of these is designed for combat.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

We've had to set a workshop up; we've had to equip the workshop and everything else. But all that equipment is there now and whatever projects they want to use it for in the future.

David Leslie

“You want to go beyond simply guards, guns, gates. You want things that have a capacity on the equipment side to last. It's making sure that what you buy can actually be sustained.”

Frank Cilluffo

No tricks, gimmicks, special pills, special potions, special equipment. All it takes is desire and will.

Richard Simmons

The matter of flies, lines and other equipment of the right sort is not absolutely necessary in the rising of fish but they are very important in that they make it easier to do the things which bring success and in some cases are essential to success.

Ray Bergman

Electronic equipment replaces neither Eyes, Hands, nor Heart.

Wolfgang Weingart

That's another thing, we made up games. We didn't have equipment. When it snowed, we would play slow motion tackle football. We would play hockey, but we wouldn't skate. We just made things up. I loved doing that.

Mike Krzyzewski

“We kept track of the hours for each farm. We pooled our other equipment and manpower for other field work, too.”

Dave Mitchell