Eras Related Quotes

“Meloy's balladry brings to mind vaudeville, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, 'Sweeney Todd,' the Victorian and Edwardian eras, Kurt Weill and Nick Cave, 1960s psychedelic rock pop and roaring pub sing-alongs.”

Colin Meloy

“We weren't really concerned with what their ERAs were. We were more concerned with them getting in their side work and improving throughout the summer. There's no question they did.”

Chris Ledbetter

“It's hard to compare with previous eras but I'd like to think the game is in the best shape it's ever been.”

David Gallop

“It's difficult to compare between eras. There is a huge difference now between goggles, swimsuits, pools, lane ropes, swim caps and the physiology involved in training. But it's fair to say our (women's) team is a very strong team.”

Alan Thompson