Ethic Related Quotes

An ethic gone wrong is an essential preliminary to the sweat shop or the concentration camp and the death march.

Simon Blackburn

We had a Judeo-Christian ethic hanging around a couple thousand years that didn't help erase racism at all. So the notion of the little half-hour comedy changing things is something I think is silly.

Norman Lear

“I know Drew and I know Xavier, and I know their work ethic, ... They know they have to be ready in a matter of a couple of weeks.”

Chris Rix

As a nation, we must choose between the sanctity of life ethic and the quality of life ethic. I have no trouble identifying the answer our nation has always given to this basic question, and the answer that I hope and pray it will give in the future.

Ronald Reagan

“I really like our work ethic and the athletes we have. I'm anxious to get them on the field. I think we're very capable of being a quality team but at the same time we need to see them in action.”

Dan Hartleb

I had a very difficult childhood. I was surrounded by people who had both parents, which made me feel different. Having a bit of a rougher existence early on, it made me appreciate the work ethic that my grandparents instilled in me.

George Lopez

We must serve consciously as caring role models, emphasizing the ethic of service, not consumption.

Marian Wright Edelman

One cannot prescribe to anyone whether he should follow an ethic of absolute ends or an ethic of responsibility.

Max Weber

“She's great for the game. She has that combination of glamour and hard work ethic, ... I think her motives are pure as far as, it means more to her to win tennis tournaments than to be on the cover of a magazine.”

Chris Evert

Real self-esteem has to be earned. I also believe in virtuous circles, like, nothing is fun until you are good at it. It is great if you can instill in children the ability to not give up, to have a work ethic.

Amy Chua