Exactly Related Quotes

“When he saw this place, he started crying and said this is exactly what he needed. He hasn't painted anything in a year...and I told him I would hold his feet to the fire and I would hold him accountable.”

Ana Chapman

“Aside from a few small snippets, Mr. Dodge could have transmitted exactly the same message by stating that 'nothing of substance has changed since the (Monetary Policy Report) Update', and leaving it at that.”

Marc Levesque

“You would think that's something that would be the most specific - where exactly campus begins, where it ends.”

Jared Axelrod

“She's quick as a cat. She came out and was aggressive and that's exactly what we needed. If she's not out there at the 18 and at the girl's feet, then they score easily.”

Mark Albertus

“He seems like a very quiet, confident veteran. It's hard coming to a new clubhouse. He knows exactly what he's trying to do and is setting out to do it.”

Ned Yost

“They told me ... well, I'm not exactly sure how it was chosen.”

Matt Galante

“We do not know exactly what is going on behind the scenes in terms of reactions to the incident and its direct impact on Yemeni-US relations, which have been extremely tense in the past phase.”

Mounir Mawri

“It went exactly as I had predicted. I knew exactly how it would react.”

Sebastian Thrun

“We have to find out what is exactly happening. We have all heard about this then we have to see if it is confirmed.”

Friso Roscam Abbing

“We are committed to getting to the bottom of what exactly happened.”

Dan Senor