Example Related Quotes

I challenge anybody to show me an example of bias in Fox News Channel.

Rupert Murdoch

“Sport can be used for messaging, for example, making the connections between shin guards or a helmet that protects you, and protection in terms of HIV and AIDS. There has also been a very active program in Africa called 'Kick Polio out of Africa,' where soccer players have spoken out in terms of polio. There is also going to be a swim for malaria.”

Carol Bellamy

Everyone is bound to bear patiently the results of his own example.


“A glass of milk, for example, has only 100 international units. Other foods, such as orange juice, yogurt and cheese, are now beginning to be fortified, but you have to work fairly hard to reach 1,000 IU a day.”

Cedric Garland

More by example than by word, my father taught me logical reasoning, compassion, love of others, honesty, and discipline applied with understanding.

Paul D. Boyer

“He's a leader of that team. He's a great example for young players, with his work ethic. He makes a huge commitment to fitness. He makes a huge commitment to what it takes to become a great player.”

Michel Therrien

If you think about for example, proportionality and beauty, things like that, these seem to be some kind of representations of a kind of unity.

Peter Adamson

DiCaprio's life is the perfect example of how not to be. I would not wish his life on anybody.

Virginie Ledoyen

A plan is an example of what could happen, not a prediction of what will happen.

Kent Beck

“He's just a quality person. He's respectful, always positive and led by example. He has a lot of intangibles. He's unselfish.”

Charlie Tate