Excellent Related Quotes

“James just pitched very well, he did an excellent job despite hurting himself twice during the game. We did hit well today and that was certainly a pleasant thing as well.”

Denny Leathers

“We held our 2003 convention at the Rio and we're looking forward to returning to these excellent facilities.”

Phil Keeter

“Tonight was all Andy. He had nine points, five rebounds ... 25 charges. He was excellent, awesome.”

Lebron James

“It's solid concrete, so it's really strong. It's got excellent insulation — five inches of foam with solid concrete in between. And great thermal mass — it stores up heat and dissipates it slowly.”

Steve Hamilton

“She was an excellent cook.”

Florence Back

“The approach to hitting is excellent with these guys. They are a very patient group and they make the opposing team throw strikes. That's a credit to them. Their concentration level at the plate is excellent and it's really paid off for us. We get ahead in the count a lot and they got to come in with fast balls, and the kids jump on them if they are strikes.”

Paul Kujak

“We feel like we have excellent access in and out. When you look at the transportation woes in Hampton Roads, trying to get the funding for a new bridge and tunnel, we already have that in place. That is a key thing that is putting us in a key position.”

Ray White

“It's going to be excellent, but we've got our hands full.”

Chris Wells

“The Academy is an excellent institution, but we want to have what they have,”

Stephen Brown

“He's very tall but has excellent technique.”

Roland Nilsson