Excellent Related Quotes

“We held our 2003 convention at the Rio and we're looking forward to returning to these excellent facilities.”

Phil Keeter

“This was an excellent hockey game. We played a tight game defensively and really have been playing the type of hockey we need to over the last month.”

Rick Comley

“an excellent concept, a great first step”

Marc Morial

“Our defense has carried us the whole year. Johnson, for a sixth grader, has done an excellent job running our team.”

Corey Turner

“We have a whole group of defensemen who have an excellent chance to go and play professionally. But being a prospect and being a player are two different things. You don't win a tournament with prospects. You win with players.”

Walt Kyle

“Our offense really came alive in the fifth game. We had some excellent serving and (Hilmar wasn't) able to attack anymore and gave us some free balls.”

Kristy Dwyer

“Now he's playing within himself. His footwork has been excellent. It's all mechanics when it comes to throwing. If your feet are up under you and you are throwing on time, you are usually going to be pretty accurate.”

Mike Bobo

“He's going to be an excellent asset to any program.”

Andy Simmons

“He certainly fits the kind of excellent judges that we were looking for and that President Bush is looking for.”

Edwin Meese Iii

“Everyone you talk to in his unit say that he was an excellent soldier and he was also very well liked among his comrades, so I get comfort knowing he had two families, us back here on the home front and also the soldiers.”

Dwight Adams