Excellent Related Quotes

“Our coverage is going to be next to excellent.”

Sal Liberatore

“2005 was an excellent year for SAP.”

Henning Kagermann

“He's an excellent trial attorney. He's truthful. I don't get the impression he's ever taken advantage of a situation. I think he's very fair. He always gives cases thoughtful consideration, and I expect him to do the same with this.”

Kerry Sutton

“This is another example of excellent police work coupled with excellent medical intervention and evidence. It sends a powerful message to those who injure a child ? any child ? that Clay County will hold you accountable for your actions.”

Daniel White

“We had excellent insurance, which at least was able to pay for rebuilding the club back to the way it was. But we also wanted to use the opportunity to make some improvements. So we had a limited bond issue among our members, and also took out a small mortgage. Even after all this, our equity-to-debt ratio is about 5-1, which is excellent for any organization.”

Paul Sandler

“They did an excellent job. It's really nice. I think it looks great. I would recommend them to anybody who needs work done.”

Mike Cunningham

“This transaction is an excellent strategic fit for both companies. Our goal is to build a stronger, more competitive institution, while presenting exciting opportunities for employees, customers and shareholders alike.”

Rick Waugh

“Myers was very poised on the mound and had excellent control of all of his pitches.”

Dan Kaiser

“We've been able to do a fairly god job under the circumstances I think, in fact an excellent job under the circumstances of controlling those fires. That's just what you have to do is just be able to have the resources to get out and fight those fires.”

David Kemp

“an excellent concept, a great first step”

Marc Morial