Excellent Related Quotes

“We think it's an excellent blueprint or guide for directing our collaborative efforts.”

Stephen Johnson

“It's an excellent effort to get this far,”

Craig Mcdonald

“There's no mouthing, the kids are excellent; we don't have to be policemen. It's a good clean game. It's just about the kids playing good, hard football.”

Dave Flurie

“For a guy that really nobody knew how he would do this year, he's been excellent. He's come in here and surpassed all expectations. He's battled for us and done well.”

Robert Erp

“There's no doubt in my mind that we will have excellent quality here, ... next month or so.”

Charles Bush

“There might be nights where the offense isn't there. The bottom line is, Daniel has really been excellent on the defensive end.”

Rick Barnes

“They are big, strong and fast. They have an excellent team. Their sweeper back is extraordinary and they have a lot of speed up top. They played hard on the ball. We just didn't step up today. They did the job. They scored on their opportunities and kept coming after us.”

Walt Dyer

“Thomas Campbell came off the bench and did an excellent defensive job in the fourth quarter. Smith hit a big three down the stretch. Everybody contributed.”

Mike Stallings

“Angelo was known for his ... grey afro, but he should also be known for being an excellent caddie, ... Angelo always went out early in the morning and got the pins, and knew enough of the golf course and my golf game, that any information I needed, he generally had.”

Jack Nicklaus

“He's an excellent guy, we've been working together for about a year and a half now, and it's really been clicking. So we're really trying to push the limits, see how high I can go.”

Mark Boswell