Exception Related Quotes

“Growth was clearly weaker in the fourth quarter. But the ECB will call that an exception and say growth will accelerate. The bank will raise rates in March and possibly sometime thereafter.”

Christoph Weil

“January's definitely the exception, not the rule.”

George Pipas

“The horsepower has been there for quite awhile. With one exception, we've been in the top half since last year at Chicago.”

Roy Simmons

“Our pitching has been very solid all year and this was no exception a Marissa did a very nice job.”

Dale Lortz

“In doubles we got off to a fairly good start, with the exception of number one.”

Steve Rodecap

“Al-'Owhali is the rare exception: the criminal, the murderer who deserves the ultimate penalty which is authorized under our law,”

Michael Garcia

“With the exception of one game, we played many close games.”

Callen Perreira

“a fundamental objection to the principle of a reporter's privilege as an exception to every citizen's duty to give testimony in a federal criminal proceeding.”

Chuck Rosenberg

“We wanted to copy the Bucyrus layout with the exception of the shot and discus. From a coaching standpoint, we're going to love it.”

Rick Keller

“This is an industry where follow-the-leader is the rule rather than the exception.”

Paul Eisenstein