Exchanges Related Quotes

It is my policy to deepen the Japan-U.S. alliance and to deepen security and economic relations as well as personal exchanges.

Yoshihiko Noda

Some people steal from others, or defraud them, or enslave them, seizing their product and preventing them from living as they choose, or forcibly exclude others from competing in exchanges. None of these are permissible modes of transition from one situation to another.

Robert Nozick

In the industrial revolution Britain led the world in advances that enabled mass production: trade exchanges, transportation, factory technology and new skills needed for the new industrialised world.

Lucy Powell

“Private investors are basically selling their smaller assets and consolidating to fewer, larger assets through 1031 exchanges. On the flip side, a lot of institutional investors are reshaping their portfolios. They are disposing of whatever doesn't fit their long-term plans, leveraging the current record buyer demand and record pricing.”

Hessam Nadji

Moreover, the concern of some that moving DNA among species would breach customary breeding barriers and have profound effects on natural evolutionary processes has substantially disappeared as the science revealed that such exchanges occur in nature.

Paul Berg

“We've got $15 million to $20 million of these exchanges in the pipeline. That's a significant increase from basically no activity just 18 months ago.”

Roger Ochs

The Chinese Government and I myself have always attached great importance to China-U.S. relations. In the new historic era, I look forward to working together with you to continuously strengthen dialogue and exchanges between our two countries.

Hu Jintao

“When a girl marries, she exchanges the attentions of many men for the inattention of one.”

Helen Rowland

Predation is part of the everyday life of capitalism, in sectors as mainstream as pharmaceuticals, software and oil - where people's money, their data, their time and their attention are routinely taken in fundamentally asymmetrical exchanges.

Geoff Mulgan

Through the last centuries, the effort of capitalism has been to take all the things that were human relations and turn them into monetary exchanges.

Daniel Pinchbeck