Exchanges Related Quotes

“The two armies have maintained constant exchanges at high levels, among institutes and for navy vessel visits”

Cao Gangchuan

And the Arabs are the biggest owners now of media in the United States, okay, and over stock exchanges. And in many major U.S. cities theyâ??re the majority owners.

Alex Jones

I just think we can't do enough of this [student exchanges]... And when you get young children traveling internationally, I think they come back different people. And you can't put a price tag - you can't put a value on that.

Arne Duncan

You used to be able to just call people. You didn't have to be on someone's calendar to have a phone conversation. The telephone was an important and valuable domain of communication, both for casual, friendly chats and for professional exchanges of ideas and information. But no more.

Dan Pallotta

Three wishes - no substitutes, exchanges or refunds

Robin Williams

“Our goal is to put together a unique trip at an affordable price. We try hard to get exchanges going with students. There?s a clear cultural value. We?re part of the scenery, not tourists on a bus. It?s a person-to-person relationship.”

Gary Robinson

Our friendship is made up of these brief frenzied exchanges, but the quality of our conversation, for all its feverish outpouring, is genuine.

Carol Shields

“My desire to curtail undue freedom of speech extends only to such public areas as restaurants, airports, streets, hotel lobbies, parks, and department stores. Verbal exchanges between consenting adults in private are as of little interest to me as they probably are to them.”

Fran Lebowitz

One of the things that amazes me about Twitter is the way it utterly eradicates artificial barriers to communication. Things like status, geopolitics and so on keep people from talking to one another. Those go away in Twitter. You see exchanges that would never happen anywhere else.

Dick Costolo

“We hope the two sides will continually enhance mutual respect in a spirit of compromise and cooperation, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in every field in order to create favorable conditions to realize final, peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.”

Zhu Bangzao